Social media marketing

Social media marketing includes many tools and techniques to build a positive image of the company/brand on the internet. There is a saying that you do not exist if you are not on social media. Even if this saying is somewhat exaggerated, it does contain a lot of truth. Available [...]Read more

How to create an effective email campaign?

Mailing is a basic and often very effective element of marketing activities, especially in the training industry. The case seems to be simple – just write and send a message to potential attendees – however, creating effective mailing requires some knowledge and the use of good [...]Read more

How to create a good training offer?

Paid training courses, workshops and conferences should be treated as products. In order to sell them efficiently, you should present a good offer to your potential clients. What does “good offer” mean? A good offer fulfills several basic conditions [...]Read more

How to determine your target group?

If you are the event organizer, probably the most important indicator of performance for you is the number of sold tickets for training courses or conferences. At the same time, you would like your offer to be tailored to the widest possible group of potential customers. [...]Read more

Recruitment process with Konfeo

Some organizers use Konfeo to recruit candidates for a variety of educational programs or scholarships. Such application of the system did not come to our mind when creating the system, but Konfeo supports it – as it turned out – “in a natural way”. How does it work? [...]Read more

Installment payments

Did you know that you can allow your attendees to pay in installments? Open our DEMO and go to the event called An event with installment payments. Note that in this example, 3 charge groups are created: Standard payment Installment payment ($2460) – 1st installment Installment [...]Read more

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