Konfeo.com Privacy Policy

This translation is presented only for the convenience of Users. In case of any inconsistency between translation and the Polish version, the Polish language version is valid.

Basic Rules

Data Administrator puts great importance to safety of personal data provided by Konfeo.com Users and to protect and safeguard their personal information from unauthorized access. For this reason, the principle of confidentiality of personal data in the Service are made available to all Users.

Rules on data processing and technical maintenance

Data Administrator uses information related to the general principles of the functioning of the Internet connection, contained in system logs (eg. IP address) for technical purposes, for example related to the administration server. In addition, the IP address can be used to collect general statistical or demographic information.

User identification and personalized access to the Service is based on cookies. To use the full functionality of the Service by organizers of events during each session at least a one-time Event Organizer authorization is needed: by login (e-mail address used to register) and password. Disabling cookies in the browser prevents the proper action of the Service.

Cookies are also used to collect general, statistical information about the use of the Service by Users.

Data required during registration of Event Organizer

In the course of registration it is required to provide the following information: name and surname or company of Event Organizer, telephone number, e-mail and password.

In the description of events, the Event Organizer may voluntarily provide additional information: bank account number (which will be used for collecting payments from the Attendees), Event Organizer’s address, the address of the place where the event will take place and other data, selected by the Event Organiser unless they violate the Terms of Service.

Event Organizers of Paid Events are also required to provide data necessary to issue a VAT invoice: name and surname or company of Event Organiser, address or registered office and tax identification number.

Data required during registration of Attendee in the Event

The final shape of the registration form for the Event is designed by the Event Organizer, which defines the scope of data required for registration. By default, the Attendee must provide his name and e-mail. The Event Organizer can extend the form by any number of fields and determine which fields must be filled mandatory, and which are voluntary.

Event Organizer is not entitled to demand any personal data from Attendees, in particular data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, religious affiliation, party or trade union membership, as well as data concerning health, genetic code, addictions or sex life and data relating to convictions, decisions on penalty and fines, and other decisions issued in court or administrative proceedings.

Personal data and Administrator of personal data

The administrator of personal data, provided by the Event Organizers, is Konfeo Macuk, Łapiński spółka jawna, ul. Cylkowskiego 11A/15, 81-465 Gdynia, Poland. TIN: 5862312651, KRS: 0000650991.

Events Organizers are the administrators of personal data provided by the Attendees.

Data Administrator shall not be liable for processing of personal data by the Event Organizer.

Service Users’ personal data are processed in a manner consistent with applicable law, on the terms specified in the Terms of Service and this document.

Data Administrator processes User’s personal information to the extent necessary to create and shape the content, changes, termination and proper implementation of electronic services. Personal data may also be used to ensure the highest standard of service and for statistical purposes.

In case of the consent given by the Users to receive commercial information electronically from the Administrator or Administrator’s business partners, User’s personal information are also processed to send the information.

Content posted by Users

Content posted by Users, including any personal information published by Users on the Site (eg. information about Event) are widely available to all entities using the Internet and can be indexed by search engines.

Storage and protection of personal data

Users’ personal data are stored in a database, which uses technical and organizational means ensuring protection of data processed in accordance with the requirements specified in the regulations on protection of personal data. Access to personal database is restricted only to those with special authorization granted by the Administrator of data, or entities with which the Data Administrator (pursuant to art. 31 of the Law on Personal Data Protection) entered into an agreement to entrust the processing of such data.

The right to verify, modify and delete personal data. Limitations

The User at any time have the right to inspect their data and has the ability to update them and remove. User can use his right by submitting a proper request by mail to the Data Administrator – on info@konfeo.com or to Event Organiser at the address received during registration on event data. Event Organizer has the ability to independently view and update data relating to him, after logging on to the Website. To prevent re-registration of persons whose participation in the Service was terminated due to the unauthorized use of the Service, Administrator may refuse to remove the data necessary to block the possibility of re-registration. Refusal to delete data also takes place in cases provided by law.

In the cases referred to other provisions of law, the Administrator may also share some personal information to third parties for the purpose of protecting the rights of a third party. The data are available upon written request of an entity having an interest in obtaining personal information if the entity requesting access to data in a reliable way justifies the need to provide personal information, for instance in cases where there is suspicion of infringement of a third party.

The Administrator may also share personal data collected on the request or consent of the User, and at the request authorized by law or state authorities.

Service Administrator reserves the right to archive the correspondence addressed to him from the Users, which in some cases can be used for evidential purposes.

On-line payment

Attendees using on-line payments provide their personal data required to do this process by payment provider. Administrator of this site has no influence on process of on-line payments because it is provided on the basis of an external service.

Links to other websites, distributed by Users

The Administrator is not responsible for the privacy policies used by site administrators to which redirect links distributed on the site by Users. User spreading on links to other websites bears full responsibility for the content on this websites and the effects of spread.

The information sent to the User

The Administrator reserves the right to send e-mails to all Users, containing notification of changes on the Site, in particular technical breaks in the operation of the Site, the changes in the Terms of Service and other information, in order to ensure the highest standard of service.

Anti-Spam Policy

The goal of the Service is not to promote the sending of unsolicited commercial information to third parties. The Administrator strongly condemns the behavior aimed at obtaining the benefits of the use of functionality of the Service, in violation of the right to privacy and other goods protected by law. The Administrator requires from Event Organizers that they obtain prior consent from the Attendees to receive commercial information. Event Organizers who do not respect these requirements could face sanction in the form of account freeze – on the terms described in the Terms of Service.

Global operations and data transmission

Our Services cross national borders. They are designed to support event organizers in their projects around the world. To ensure the safety and high quality of the Service, we operate globally. For this purpose we use the services of suppliers all over the world.

The information contained in the Service is provided on servers located in Poland and in the European Union, but can also be transferred (eg for backing up data) outside the European Union, including through our service providers. In some of these countries, the laws governing the protection of personal data of event attendees may differ from those of the country in which they live.



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