Shortly about Konfeo

Konfeo is an online event registration software which enables event organizers to quickly create an event, make it possible for users to sign up and pay for tickets. Whether you are organizing a major conference, sports or music event, or smaller activity such as a professional course or workshop, Konfeo is the perfect solution.

The original idea and aim for the development of Konfeo was, and still is the ability to supply event organizers with an application which combines the three most important features:

  • convenient to use, user friendly and rapid handling of the application;
  • safety and security of any collected data;
  • full reliability.

Why is Konfeo worth using?

We are a European company with headquarters located in Poland. Over 4,000 event organizers and over 400,000 participants have trusted us so far. Konfeo is a tool designed and developed by experienced professionals of organizing events:

  • Konfeo is a highly intuitive, advanced application for efficient management of any type of event;
  • the system is designed with efficiency and convenience of work in mind. Konfeo’s simple to use dashboard requires no prior training.

Konfeo was created by IT professionals and event specialists with a foundation of 20 years of experience, who combined the creation and development of the latest in advanced Internet applications with practical experience and knowledge about organizing all types of events.

Konfeo puts the “less is more” philosophy into practice—we avoid excessive amounts of unnecessary functions, options, settings or system configurations. All functions necessary to organize an event from start to finish are included in our easy to use interface. Our system offers all the elements necessary to organize any type of event, including mass events, trainings and workshops, conferences and scientific congresses.

Create, execute and control your events without having to sit at the office. You can access all necessary information using any mobile device.

Konfeo – takes the work out of organizing events


Write us:

  • Konfeo was used for recruitment by the Rainbow Tours Academy. The application served its function and no issues occurred. It allowed us to enroll 300 people in 10 groups. The system worked quite efficiently and effectively. Also, the easy and quick contact with the system administrator was quite noteworthy. We highly recommend Konfeo as an effective, stable and reliable tool.

    – Philip SzmidtRainbow Tours Academy

  • Konfeo is an extremely convenient and modern registration, communication and event management system for all types of events. We used it during the organization of the 31st Congress of the Polish Anatomical Society. The system is very simple to use, and the technical assistance is professional and fast. The system administrator is always ready to provide information and introduce any suggested changes. Konfeo is worth recommending! Thank you very much for your cooperation.

    – Eve KiszkaSecretary of the Congress

  • Konfeo proved to be the solution most suited to our needs. We used it during the organization of the “Lesson Learned” conference and we will definitely use it again during the organization of other events. It is very easy to use, greatly facilitates communication with event participants, and it has numerous useful functions. The system administrator should be particularly noted and distinguished because he responds very quickly and professionally and is open to clients’ individual needs.

    – Ann RalcewiczCEO, HR Business Solutions

  • Considering the quality of the system and the service, I can recommend Konfeo with full conviction. We decided to use Konfeo system to improve the process of registration and sale. We highly evaluate the functionality of the system – both from the attendee’s point of view and from the side of event management. We decided not to build our own system and fully rely on Konfeo, because programmers and system architects are open to our suggestions, realistically evaluate their usefulness and the possibility of introducing them.

    – Damian GodlewskiTraining Director, Collegium Wratislaviense

  • Konfeo is a constantly evolving system. It offers great features. In general, the system works very well. We are satisfied with its functionality. The great advantage is that new functions appear often.

    – Stefanie BogaertsCEO, FreeLING Foundation

  • Gets the job done. Konfeo is just as easy to use as it gets. I’ve used it several times to set up medium size trainings and it was always plain and simple. Definitely one of the main things I value the most is the fact Konfeo is not “messing” with my client’s payments like all other online apps I have used in the past. I get all the payments directly to my account and deal with Konfeo later. Also, the price is most probably the best bang for the buck there is at the moment.

    – Dejan AćimovićPM Team Leader, Professional Training & Coaching

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