Our event registration platform offers the most important features for every event organizer.

Konfeo.com - individual registration forms

Individual event registration forms

Creating registration forms has never been easier. Design your own form customized to the event you are organizing. Freely select text fields, drop-down lists or options to be checked. Set discount codes or password restricted access. Once created, your personalized registration form can be saved and easily tailored for future events.

Event group registration

Increase the effectiveness of your registration process by giving your event’s attendees the opportunity to submit a group of people on a single form. Easily create a group registration form by simply setting the minimum and maximum number of submitted attendees.
Konfeo.com - online payments

Online payments

For your convenience, we have made available online payments directly to your account. Remember, all transfers go directly to you. Simple and secure.
Konfeo.com - invoices

Send invoices to your attendees

Issue invoices and proforma invoices directly from the system. The documents will be automatically delivered to mailboxes of attendees at your events. No one likes paperwork, so we minimized it. We avoid complicating things.
Konfeo.com - new event creator

Event creator

For your convenience, we have launched easy to use event creator. All it takes is following three quick and easy to follow steps and your new event is launched. Simply fill in the most important information of your planned event and you are ready to go – you can fill in the remaining fields later. It couldn’t be simpler.
Konfeo.com - groups of attendees/types of payments

Sell different kind of tickets or seats

If you need to differentiate between attendees, or prices of your event, regarding age, registration date, status or any other criteria you select, can easily be done at any time while the registration is still open. After selecting your settings the program easily facilitates the management of the event and communication with attendees. Find out for yourself how easy it is.
Konfeo.com - mailings

Sent mailings to event attendees

You have full control over what gets sent and to whom. You can choose to send messages to all, or select attendees in specific categories coming to your event using our automated mailing system. See for yourself how easy it is.
Konfeo.com - exporting the list of attendees

Export your event data

The list of attendees and/or all information they provided on the registration form can be exported at any time to either a .csv file or a spreadsheet. With a few clicks, you can just as easily download and print an attendance list, for handling the reception at the event. Everything is designed with your convenience in mind.
Konfeo.com - event statistics

Event statistics

Keeping track of all your event statistics is a breeze. Verify the state of registration of all conference attendees and the balance of their payments in an instant. Easily change the data and status of those enrolled, or filter and export the list of participants to a spreadsheet. Each step is clear, convenient and easily accessible.