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The fastest event registration software… why does “fastest” matter?

We use the slogan “Konfeo: fastest event registration software” on our website and advertising campaigns. Why do we use the term “fastest” and why does it matter? In this post, we will explain the reasons why we believe that using the term “fastest” in the context of our system for registering attendees and payment processing is true and reasonable.

Does faster mean better?

To give the most comprehensible answer to this question, it is worth using the automotive example. Is a faster car better? Intuitively, all car enthusiasts feel so. Why do they have such a belief? Because a fast car is one that has powerful features, such as:

  • more powerful engine
  • more aerodynamic design
  • better handling

For the safety of drivers of very fast cars, advanced safety technology should be used in its production, including:

  • provide more grip to the road
  • mount more efficient brakes
  • apply computer systems supporting traction control

It can be said that the faster the car, the higher the quality of the components used in its design – they are more durable and efficient, better matched, more modern.

This analogy can be applied directly to information technology – fast software is one that simply has higher quality:

In other words, faster = more efficient = simply better. There are no exceptions to this rule.

How do we know that Konfeo is the fastest event registration software?

We examined this using available analytical tools. Google Chrome provides website analysis tool – Lighthouse – automated software for improving the quality of web pages. With this tool, you can check the performance, accessibility, SEO solutions and other elements of websites. Based on the sample registration page served by Konfeo, we received these results:

In the same way, we analyzed the performance and quality of registration pages of selected, competing systems (Eventbrite, Eventzilla, Billetto):

So what … or why does the speed matter?

The speed/performance and, consequently, the quality of the programming solutions used has a huge impact on the conversion of your marketing activities into sales. You can have the best advertising campaign in the world and direct a lot of internet users to your website, but if they “bounce back” from a faulty, inefficient payment registration and handling system, then all the effort is useless.

The worst thing that can happen is a stumble at the last stage of sales. This can discourage many demanding customers, and poor opinion spreads quickly, especially on the internet. That is why it is so important to use both efficient and up-to-date, modern software. For example, the Safari browser (used on Apple devices) has in its mechanism a weakness known among developers that causes problems in properly displaying the content of iframes on websites. If your system doesn’t handle these exceptions, you may lose some customers.


Most of us like fast cars, although for various reasons not everyone decides to buy or rent them. On the other hand, everyone prefers to use professional, well-made tools instead of wasting time and nerves using poor substitutes. Konfeo frees you from such dilemmas. We make sure that you always have the highest quality software on hand. We simply provide the fastest, modern and efficient online event registration software.