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Measuring the effectiveness of marketing

Apart from the usual functions, discount codes can also be used to measure the effectiveness of different sales channels or campaigns.

Let’s say that you advertise an event in social media (eg. Facebook) and search engine Google. Both of these plaforms offer highly advanced methods of analyzing the behavior of internet users, click-through statistics, comparative performance, etc… but none answers the question: How many clients through the application you actually gained?

Konfeo can answer this question. Just set different discount codes for the campaigns on Facebook and Google. Remember to determine your target group precisely. The same mechanism can be used to measure the effectiveness of customer acquisition through other sales channels.

Customers love discounts and certainly they will use them, allowing you to specify the “where from” they came. You don’t need any other statistics.

You can create any number of discount codes with different parameters (discount rate or a quota, expiration date, the limit of use), and calculate the price of training taking into account the discount applied.

This is just one of the benefits of using the Konfeo – system dedicated to the organization of training courses.