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Task automation

We are pleased to announce that we’ve launched a completely new feature in the system – task automation. This easy-to-use tool is a powerful support for event organizers in the implementation of basic tasks in communication with the attendees.

Imagine the organization of a paid seminar or training course for 150 people. You intend to open registration for 3 months and finish 1 week before the event. You know from experience that attendees tends to register early and pay at the last minute. You also know that there are not enough seats in the hall. You don’t want the undecided guests to take seats instead of those, who really want to take part in the event.

Sure, you can check the list every day and verify who didn’t pay. Sure, you can manually send them payment reminders (from your mailbox) or cancel the registration of the most “stubborn” attendees. Only… do you have the time and the health? Surely after some time you will not know what you sent and to whom.

The solution is quite simple – just set up automatic tasks performed by the system:

  • payment reminder – set the time after the registration (if not paid) to send the attendee a reminder, eg. 48 hours;
  • registration cancellation – set the time after the registration (if not paid) to cancel the attendee registration, eg. 96 hours.

In the above example, the attendee – if not paid – will receive a payment reminder after 2 days (48 hours from the time of registration). If payment is not made within the next 2 days (96 hours from the time of registration), the system automatically cancels his registration.

This option is available in the Automation menu and works phenomenally with online payments enabled. It’s just one of the benefits of using Konfeo.