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Installment payments

Did you know that you can allow your attendees to pay in installments? Open our DEMO and go to the event called An event with installment payments. Note that in this example, 3 tickets/groups are created:

  • Standard payment
  • Installment payment ($2460) – 1st installment
  • Installment payment ($2460) – 2nd installment  (note, that this is hidden ticket/group, in other words – it isn’t visible on the registration page)

The attendee may choose either an one-off payment at a lower price or a slightly higher installment payment. If he chooses to pay in installments, the system will normally send him usual information about registration and payment. All you have to do after registering a deposit from an attendee (for the first installment) is to transfer him to the hidden ticket/group: go to attendee’s profile and click Change ticket/group button. You can also transfer all attendees at once to a ticket/group with the 2nd installment: click the 1st installment name on the list and then the Move Attendees button. In each of these transfer options, attendees will automatically receive a message stating that they need to pay the second installment, and their status will change to “waiting for payment.”

You can adjust the amounts and the number of installments to your needs. Really simple, isn’t it?