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Categories: Handling, Security

Yes. This feature is available under the Groups/Fees settings. You have an option to set up a different password for each group/fee.

Categories: Handling, Security

No, for safety reasons Konfeo is used to communicate with registered attendees only, however, there are a number of easy to use online applications for this purpose.

Category: Security

Absolutely not! Your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us. Your database is your personal protected property. Any data submitted on your account is protected and will never be used by us or anyone else except for that purpose for which it was intended.

Categories: GDPR, Security

You can manually delete the personal data of attendees registered for your events at any time. If you don’t, the system will automatically delete this data 180 days after the event ends. You will receive an email two weeks in advance informing you of the planned deletion.

The functioning of this mechanism is dictated by the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which indicates that “personal data may be stored for a period not longer than it is necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed”.

Category: Security

At Konfeo, we use the following procedure to ensure the security of the users of the system:

  • database backup every 3 hours during the day (archived for a year)
  • daily backup of user files (archived for a year)
  • daily system configuration backup (archived for a year)
  • weekly operating system update
  • weekly security update for Konfeo software
  • daily overview of system logs

All of these activities are designed to ensure maximum security of the information collected in the system. In the event of an unexpected and serious system failure, we can restore the system to its full functionality within a maximum of 60 minutes.

In Konfeo’s history, this has not happened yet, but we have tested such a scenario as part of preventive activities.

Category: Security

Definitely! Your security and privacy are of utmost importance to us – we use the highest level security protocols and create backups each day. Konfeo is designed using the latest in security technology and handled by a securely encrypted server connection (SSL). Your data will remain protected on our professional servers – we will never delete any of your data, though you have the option of deleting it yourself, if you wish.

Categories: Account, Security

Konfeo system is maintained on professional servers with a guaranteed availability of service (SLA = Service Level Agreement) at 99.98%. This means that your data is available online virtually any time of day or night throughout the year: check app status (uptime)