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Event check-in – how to use a barcode scanners?

Category: Handling

It is pretty straightforward. First, make sure participants of your event receive e-tickets – check the appropriate option in the Event settings before opening the registration. Test the barcode scanner beforehand:

  • connect the scanner to the computer/laptop (you can also connect it via bluetooth to your mobile device)
  • run the system demo
  • generate some sample e-tickets
  • open the Check-in menu item and log in to the check-in app
  • switch to Scan mode
  • use the scanner to scan the tickets and check if the displayed information is correct

In the case of a scanner failure, you can always enter the ticket number manually or use QR codes. You can use any number of scanners to handle the reception, but due to the very high speed of scanning (a fraction of a second), we recommend keeping the ratio: one computer = one scanner. If you connect several scanners to one computer, receptionists won’t know whose scan result they see on the screen.