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How to scan QR codes using mobile devices?

Category: Handling

You can use any mobile device (tablet, smartphone) with a QR code scanner to operate the check-in. Older devices require a code-scanning app, while newer devices have a scanner built into the camera. You don’t need to install additional applications if you can scan QR codes on these devices.

To start scanning tickets, log in to the reception app (check-in) in a web browser. Take a few simple actions:

  • log in to your Konfeo account on your computer/laptop and go to the appropriate event
  • open the Check-in menu
  • use the provided login and generated password to log in to the check-in app on your mobile devices

The principle of the app operation is straightforward:

  • open the code scanner on your device and scan the first ticket
  • the link from the QR code will open a web browser with the scan result
  • use the back button or gesture to return to the scanner
  • scan another ticket, etc.

That’s all—maximum efficiency with minimum configuration.