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QR codes support

A new, long-awaited functionality has just appeared in Konfeo – QR code support. The new code appeared unannounced on the tickets, resulting in a change in their appearance. In short, the codes allow you to confirm the attendee’s presence at the event.

During the discussion about how the codes should work, we considered two options: developing a separate application for mobile devices available for download from stores supporting Android and iOS systems or implementing a web application independent of the mentioned platforms.

Ultimately, we decided to develop an independent app (check-in) that uses the built-in functionalities of mobile devices, regardless of the installed operating system. Our decision was also dictated by the fact that corporate employees often can’t install external software on their smartphones. Our work results in an online program, working on all types of devices: computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, on any operating system.

The principle of check-in app is straightforward and involves using the existing functionality of QR code scanning devices. In short, you don’t need to install anything on your device if you can scan codes, which applies to all relatively new Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is log in to the app in your browser and then run the code scanner. You are now ready to scan tickets.

After reading the code, the device opens a web browser with the scanning result – a complete set of information needed to verify the participant. If everything is OK, use the “back” button or gesture and return to the scanner. You are ready to scan another ticket.

Notably, the application allows simultaneous operation of QR code scanners and barcode readers because both codes are on tickets. So you can use flexible solutions and provide X smartphones and Y barcode readers at the event check-in, depending on your needs. All devices will work reliably without any configuration required.

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