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How does an introvert in an event team strengthen team’s potential?

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The organization of events – training courses, conferences, workshops – is basically based on activities related to establishing all kinds of interpersonal contacts. It also involves numerous meetings with co-workers, as well as service providers and event participants. It seems, therefore, that this is an ideal environment only for extroverts. Is there room for introverts in such an industry? In our opinion – yes! What’s more, we put the thesis that introverts in teams are invaluable potential!

Who are introverts?

The contemporary world is dominated by the constant information noise, in which the flood of messages from the “life of others” (public figures, politicians, celebrities, colleagues from the school bench) becomes everyday life. However, one cannot forget that not all members of the society are extroverts. As Susan Cain points out in her excellent book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can not Stop Talking, there are 30–50% people in the world who we can describe as introverts. They are people of introspective nature, immersed in reading fascinating books, who like to have time “for themselves”. They usually don’t like public appearances (although they are surprisingly often great lecturers!), and at the same time, they are diligent in their professional work, considering all possible options before making an important decision.

Introvert in an event team

Members of an event team with an introvert nature often prefer to work in the background. They act “behind the scenes”, out of the spotlight, usually dealing with planning an event rather than performing it. And that is something worth to mention – it turns out that at the planning stage of the event organization, the introvert may be more efficient than the person with the extroverted nature. How is this possible?

Introvert and commitment

Let’s be clear – the event organization industry is not a dream place of work for an introvert. But, there are also those introverts for whom it is an attractive job. This means that these people have a real passion and motivation to work in this field. In combination with other advantages (listed below), it makes them an extremely valuable potential for the team.

Introvert and creativity

What have such different people in common like Fryderyk Chopin, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, JK Rowling, Michael Jordan, Meryl Streep and Elon Musk? There is one answer to that question: introversion and creativity. These are qualities that go hand in hand. It should be added that extroverts can be just as creative, but their creativity is rather directed towards relationships with other people. Introverts spend a lot of time in loneliness, scrupulously defining (and re-defining) their ideas so that when they are presented, they are almost ready for implementation. Some of them will become new trends in the industry that others will imitate. You know what it means, don’t you? In the event industry, this feature is extremely valuable!

Introvert and the use of technology

Introverts are extremely meticulous people who like to choose the most effective tools possible. In the aspect of the event management, this means that it is the introvert who will thoroughly analyze all “for” and “against” the new registration system, take a critical view of the mailing tool or assess the usefulness of the survey questionnaire.

Introvert and analysis of the situation

Introverts have a lot to offer in terms of the situation analysis. Just give them more time to think about the problem. Therefore, they are perfect when making SWOT analyzes, both before and after the event, and they will thoroughly follow the participants’ satisfaction questionnaires and draw valuable conclusions from them. It is also worth using their reflective nature when planning actions during crisis situations. Their precision combined with methodical nature allows them to focus on the smallest details of an event, what is impossible for extroverts. It makes it easier for them to deal with Murphy’s law. For this reason, they create the most effective checklists, without which no effective event planning process can take place.

Introvert and understanding the needs of event attendees

An introvert is a person who likes to stay on the sidelines and observe others – he often sees more than an extrovert. He can see both the dynamics of the group and the individual behavior of the event participants. This means that it is easier for him to construct an offer that responds to the needs of attendees of workshops or training courses. At the same time, it is worth remembering that there is always a group of introverts among the attendees of the event. The group can be up to 30–50% of attendees, so the matter is very important. If you want these people to come back to your events, you must also take into account their needs. And again – an introvert is the right person in this situation. Who can better design an event taking into account introverts preferences, than the introvert himself?


Introverts as the members of the event team work hard behind the scenes of the event. Their personality traits, such as creativity, perceptiveness or listening skills, make them perfect persons to plan events perfectly tailored to the needs of the attendees. Their way of thinking and meticulous nature favor the success of every task.