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Event manager – what is so attractive in this job?

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Event management is a job with many challenges. It requires long hours of engagement, strategic thinking, team management and problem-solving skills, crisis management, etc. However, many people dream of such a job. What attracts people working in the event industry for this kind of job? What makes this profession attractive to them?

People person job

A job in the event industry undoubtedly is an occupation that requires contact with others – team members, event attendees, lecturers at conferences, trainers employed to run workshops, hotel managers responsible for renting conference rooms, catering companies providing meals. It is a dream job for people who love contact with others. To meet new people from different backgrounds, to establish business relationships (and sometimes private ones) – this is something that drives them on. However, it is important for event organizers to have the necessary knowledge and skills on how to deal with difficult situations, for example, in the case of a conflict with a dissatisfied attendee of the event.

Working on a high gear

Event organizers are people who love to act. Monotony is demotivating for them. Adrenaline accompanying intensive changes on the contrary – it has a mobilizing effect. The more they have on their minds, the better they are organized. However, it is worth being aware that working in the event industry, although it sometimes resembles a sprint, really requires the skills of the marathon runners – event organizers need to know how to deal with the effort to avoid burnout.

Co-creating success

People working in the event industry – organizing conferences, workshops, training courses – participate in the months of planning, make strategic decisions and deal with organizational struggles. One of the best moments of the organizer’s work is when this hard work turns into the success of the event. This is a fantastic motivator to make further efforts.


Event organizers travel a lot – for some people, work associated with travel is difficult to accept, but for the event organizers it is a pure advantage. It is a chance for them to get to know different interesting places – be it attractive hotels (in which the event takes place) or places worth to visit “after hours”. Being here and there and as part of the job – for event managers is an additional bonus.

Far from boredom

The work of the event organizer is far from monotonous. There are many things to do, some are similar to others, but never the same. New challenges arise with each new event. No day is the same, even in the case of cyclic events, new situations occur, some difficult, others fun, some other nice ones. One thing is certain – in this profession, it is difficult to get bored.