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Building relationships with the event participants – a small investment with huge potential

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Every event organizer dreams about them – participants returning for the next training courses or conferences… participants recommending the event to their friends and acquaintances… participants speaking positively about your training course in social media or giving a positive review about the conference you organized… Attendees satisfied and ready for another adventure with you – a great prospect, right?

The basis for success is certainly an efficiently organized event, but “cold professionalism” is not everything. It is worth building a relationship with the event attendees. This doesn’t mean that you have to make friends with all of them, it’s more like letting them know that they are one of the most important parts of your event. How to create event participant loyalty by showing them interest and concern?

Address the concerns appearing before the event

While preparing for an event – including marketing activities encouraging to participate in it – some questions from potential participants may arise. Answer them. If one of them appears several times, answer not only to the senders but also place it on the event page – it is very likely that other people considering taking a part in your event have the same doubts.

Appreciate the returning participants

If you already have your base of participants, check who have benefited from your offer more than once – offer them a bonus, eg. discount for the next event or attractive gadget. For those who come back regularly, offer the VIP package – an exclusive benefit that will make them feel special. Remember, a participant who feels appreciated can become a great ambassador for your brand. Take advantage of this potential.

Offer the best customer service

Make the participants feel special from the moment of greeting to the farewell. The key to success is the reception desk offering full information placed at the entrance. Your customers have to know the answers to the questions: What? When? Where? – just from the moment, they cross the threshold. They also need to know where they can report their doubts appearing during the event.

Don’t forget about the important part preceding the appearance of the participant at the event – the selection of an appropriate registration system will help you run the registration process smoothly, it will also allow you to communicate effectively with the participants before the event.

Show your interest after the event

After the event, send an e-mail to the attendees thanking you for their attendance. Attach a questionnaire with questions about their satisfaction – answers will help you to improve next event. Follow the link to learn how to collect opinions about the event and how to construct an ideal questionnaire. At the same time, you can now offer a discount for participants who are the first to register for the next training course (early birds event discount).

Create positive memories

Send the newsletter containing an event summary, including not only the information about the substantive part of the training course or conference but also about other experiences going along them. Share a movie or photos from an event on social media – encourage participants to discuss their impressions. You’ll make participants feeling more connected with the event, and this will increase the chance of their return on your next event.

Encourage sharing the information about your event

A participant spontaneously sharing with others positive opinions about your event is a real treasure. You can boost such activities by offering discount codes or special promotions to those who are extremely active on this issue.

Because of the great variety of choice in the training courses and conferences area, it is becoming more and more important to offer a unique experience, based on substantive values and a positive relationship. This is the key to creating a loyal customer base – participants not only returning to your events but also encouraging others and becoming ambassadors of your brand.