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Social media marketing

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Social media marketing includes many tools and techniques to build a positive image of the company/brand on the internet. There is a saying that you do not exist if you are not on social media. Even if this saying is somewhat exaggerated, it does contain a lot of truth.

Available media

Usually, marketers focus on running a profile on Facebook, sometimes they also use Twitter. You have to be aware that it is only two (however very important) of the available social media. When planning marketing activities in the training industry, you should consider activity on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+, internet forums and specialized blogs.

Who is your customer?

The decisive factor in choosing the right platforms is the proper definition of the target group of your clients, ie potential attendees of your training courses or workshops. The majority of users of social networking sites are adults who, in principle, represent a complete cross-section of society. If you know who your client is, you are one step closer to gain success. Choosing the right tools to reach them is then easy because you know who you are looking for. It will also allow you to reduce the costs of marketing campaigns because you will not waste funds on taking actions that are doomed to failure. For example, activities promoting culinary workshops will not be effective in a group of teenagers. The target group of computer games meetings will not be people over 45 years of age.

Basic data about users

Below are some important numbers from the Megapanel PBI / Gemius study:

  • Facebook – the largest group of users are people aged 25-34 – 31% (18-24 – 22%, 35-44 – 22%)
  • Twitter – the largest group of users are people aged 25-34 – 29% (18-24 – 21%, 35-44 – 22%)
  • Instagram – the largest group of users are people aged 18-24 – 43% (25-34 – 25%, 35-44 – 19%)
  • LinkedIn – the largest group of users are people aged 25-34 – 33% (18-24 – 14%, 35-44 – 22%)

Social marketing is based largely on viral marketing. An interestingly written post can generate a lot of interest, and hence, high traffic on your website. High interest is connected with the activity of internet users – their comments or questions are another opportunity to present your offer, hence it should be answered.