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The procedure for restricting the processing of personal data

Category: GDPR

The Attendee has the right to demand the restriction of the processing of his personal data by submitting a request to the event Organizer. The Organizer applies this law as described below:

  1. The Organizer searches for the Attendee’s personal data in the admin panel of his account in Konfeo using the search engine located on the top bar of the screen.
  2. In the search list, the Organizer finds an entry about the Attendee and clicks on a link that opens his profile in Konfeo.
  3. In the event in which the Attendee provided his data, the Organizer creates a new group named, eg “Limiting data processing”. At the same time, remember about unticking the checkbox “Registration button is visible on the registration page”.
  4. On the Attendee’s profile, the Organizer clicks the “CHANGE GROUP” button, selects the group created in the previous item and confirms the disposition. The decision on whether Konfeo is to automatically send a message to the Attendee with information about this change belongs to the Organizer – it is decided by appropriate selection of the “Send mail to participant with information about group change” checkbox.
  5. If the Attendee has provided his data in many events, the procedure should be followed for each of them.
  6. If the Organizer hasn’t sent an automatic confirmation of the change made, he informs the Attendee about the applied restriction.
  7. In all mass operations in the system (mailing, task automation), the Organizer disables the activity for the group created in point 3.