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The procedure for deleting personal data

Category: GDPR

The Attendee has the right to delete his personal data by submitting a request to the event Organizer. The Organizer deletes the Attendee’s personal data as described below:

  1. The Organizer searches for the Attendee’s personal data in the admin panel of his account in Konfeo using the search engine located on the top bar of the screen.
  2. In the search list, the Organizer finds an entry regarding the Attendee and clicks on the link that opens his Attendee’s profile in Konfeo.
  3. On the Attendee’s profile, the Organizer clicks the “DELETE ATTENDEE” button and confirms the execution of the instruction.
  4. If the Attendee has provided his data in many events, the procedure should be followed for each of them.
  5. The Organizer informs the Attendee of the removal of his personal data.

ATTENTIONdeleting the Attendee’s personal data means deleting all documentation related to it, including INVOICES. In order to archive invoices, they should be downloaded BEFORE the operation of deleting data.