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New layout of registration pages

This morning we introduced a new look of the registration page – to see the changes, it’s best to use the list of sample events available in our demo. This is the first step on the way to implementing a completely new content management system on the site. We will carry out the next stages from the beginning of next year.

New look – what, how and why

Implementing the new look of the registration pages poses a big challenge. This should be done on a functioning system and assuming that different organizers use form frames on their websites in different ways. The change must, therefore, be carried out in such a way that no one will notice problems with the registration process of participants. Despite the complexity of the issue, we decided to implement the change for several reasons.

System speed and reliability

We update our software to the latest versions to ensure the best parameters of the system. Konfeo simultaneously supports thousands of events, for which tens of thousands of participants are registered monthly. It is often subjected to very high internet traffic, which you can read about here:

The modern design of the registration page

We change the graphic design, referring to the latest trends on the internet. The graphics are based on the Bootstrap 4 library, which is the most-used template for creating a graphical interface of websites. Due to the fact that Konfeo is used by thousands of organizers, it must provide the most standard solutions possible. These are the basic reasons why we use this library. The graphic design itself must be modern, but at the same time simple and universal enough to look good on various event organizer’s websites.

Development of functionality

We implement a technology change to be able to expand the content management options of registration pages in the near future. In principle, we want to add the possibility of greater control over the content of the page, including the option of uploading images to the event description. The top menu will probably appear, although we have not yet determined the final mechanism of its operation – one-page or standard subpages.


In summary, it is definitely faster and more modern. This is what you can always expect when using Konfeo.