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How to create a good training offer?

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Paid training courses, workshops and conferences should be treated as products. In order to sell them efficiently, you should present a good offer to your potential clients.

What does “good offer” mean?

A good offer fulfills several basic conditions simultaneously:

  • emphasizes values important for the client (what the client is supposed to pay for),
  • it is concise, transparent and written in an understandable and correct language,
  • presents commercial terms clearly,
  • gives a possibility to choose an option,
  • it is prepared in an aesthetic graphic layout.

You have a few seconds to attract attention

It’s like advertising – the first few seconds decide if you’re interested in its content. If the message doesn’t interest you, you just ignore it. Likewise with the offer – if you start with the message of how many years you have been operating on the market or what your experience is, then most potential clients will probably be too bored to find out what you are offering.

Reverse the order. First, write what the client will gain thanks to participation in your event. Alternatively, who recommends your services / products. If the offer requires it, please describe its details (eg training program). Then describe the commercial terms (prices, discounts, payment forms, etc.). Explain your experience at the end – if the client has been interested in your product so far, it will only be a cherry on the cake.

Remember that a potential customer shouldn’t have to guess what you want to tell him. After a few boring paragraphs he will lose interest. Write specifically, use keywords and “strong” phrases. Do not create complicated conditions, don’t hide anything.

Offer the option of choosing, but don’t complicate it

If your offer can have many options, shorten it to two, maximum three. Too wide selection will only make your client tired and he will give up. Some people think that the richer the offer, the better. Wrong. The customer should be guided through the purchase process. Do not cause unnecessary jams in making decisions, don’t distract your client. Make him believe that he chose well because he couldn’t choose wrong. The simpler the better.

Aim high, appreciate yourself

The easiest way to drown your business is the low price. If you don’t make enough money on your products / services, then you have neither the motivation nor the resources for the development. The action model based on a low price makes no sense in the long run. There will always be someone who will offer a lower price.

Build your training offer based on customer values. Convince him that it is worth paying more for the benefits you can offer. Appreciate yourself, then the customers will appreciate you.

Let yourself get paid

Convincing a client for purchase does not end the sale process. The last step is to register the attendee for training course or conference and collect payment from him. The easier it is for them to sign up for training and pay, the more clients you will get. Remember that today, most individual customers use mobile devices. You should offer them the opportunity to register and pay online without problems on these devices.

If you do not have the technical or willingness to implement the registration system yourself, then use the dedicated solutions. They save time and money.