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Performance test

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Konfeo was once again chosen to handle registration for events related to the Lesser Poland Night of Scientists. Registration started on September 20 at 9.00. Below are some of the most important numbers from our monitoring:

  • more than 500 people registered in 10 minutes;
  • the number of all attendees exceeded 2200;
  • 350 people were registering at the top of the traffic, generating 740 requests per minute (over 12 reqests per second);
  • the system responded on an average of 66.1 ms;
  • the registration page loaded on average in 1.11 seconds;
  • the Application Performance Index [] was always at 0.99 [Excellent].

The graph shows the system performance within 8 hours of heavy load – the system works without problems and maintains excellent performance. What does it mean in simple words? Well, this means Konfeo is a very efficient and secure system that handles very high traffic on the Internet. Simply.