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Automation of processes in a company that organizes training courses or conferences

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By running your own training business, you often wonder how to increase its effectiveness. In other words, how to work less and earn more? There is no single answer to this question, but the means to achieve this goal is certainly the automation of all possible processes in the company.

What are the processes in the company?

The last sentence may sound a bit complicated. Simply put, “processes” means performing repetitive tasks, e.g.:

  • registering participants for training courses, workshops or conferences
  • sending confirmation of registration and notification of payment options
  • controlling the limit of seats/tickets for training course or conference
  • handling of incoming payments (checking payments, etc.)
  • sending reminders about the need to pay for the event (!)
  • confirming of payment for the event
  • keeping a current statement of incoming charges for the event
  • issuing and sending invoices to attendees
  • informing participants about important matters regarding the event

These are just some of the processes occurring in any company that organizes training courses or conferences regardless of its size. The larger the scale of business, the more time it takes for routine activities, and the greater the risk of mistakes. Employing a reliable automatic system that will take over these responsibilities is basically the obvious solution. Not only because of the standardization of activities carried out and the elimination of errors, but above all because of the additional time obtained in this way.

Time is money – there is no exaggeration in this saying. Open a spreadsheet and count how much time each of the activities takes daily. Use the above list, enter the time in minutes for each item. Multiply the given values by the estimated number of activities performed (daily and monthly) and see how much time you spend on activities that don’t bring you any added value for your clients.

What is the added value?

The added value, in terms of the training company, contains those activities that aim to acquire the client. These are therefore activities related to the development of the product and services (eg the development of a new training offer, another form of workshops), advertising on different media, sales support (blogging, website positioning) etc. The aim of these activities is to increase interest in the company’s services and products, and consequently – increase in revenues.

All activities consisting of servicing the already acquired client (that is, the guy who is just registering for the training or conference) are already an after-sales process, automatic. You can, and in principle you should, standardize it and automate it as much as possible for the sake of yourself and your clients – nobody likes chaos.

How to do it? Look for available solutions that will save you time and thus money. Such tools include online event registration software. Konfeo seems a natural choice in this situation.