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A summer rescue plan for an overworked event manager

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Summer in full, the heat does not let go, some of us are already after the holidays, some of us eagerly wait for the days off. However, there are also people who are not going on holiday this season. How to regenerate batteries without a longer rest? How to avoid burnout, despite the absence of holidays? It is difficult, but not impossible in a quickly changing environment of the event organizer. Here are some tips that can help.

Green is what I like

Summer is a time of beautiful sunsets, scents of a meadow and a forest – try not to miss this beautiful season despite everyday duties. Find a moment to break out of the city or at least sit on a park bench and contemplate the world around you. Escape the city noise, at least for one afternoon. Scientists have long proven that contact with nature has a soothing effect, reduces stress, increases immunity, lowers blood pressure, brings joy and balance!

Set asylum for yourself

Find a place for yourself where you will not get phone calls, e-mails, where talks about “very important matters” will be banned. Let it be a bedroom, your favorite table in a nearby café, or any other place inaccessible to professional problems. Be consistent in guarding the limits of asylum in your head: let it become a place where there are no thoughts about event participants, registration systems, payments, event program, lecturers or hotel base.

Put aside multimedia equipment

Moments of relaxation is a time when you should say goodbye to your tablet, smartphone, computer. For the huge part of the event industry summer is a time of the low season – not every phone now is super important, not every email requires an urgent response. At a time when employers shorten working hours due to the heat, you also can afford to response a little bit later.

Meetings with friends

Go to the cinema, restaurant, for a walk or have fun with your friends. Hang out with them, but remember – it is not the time to discuss professional problems. Celebrate those moments, without bringing your work with you.

Catch your breath

Each of us breathes, but few do it consciously. We still forget this is the basis of our life force. Learning to breathe will prove very helpful after the holidays when the work on organizing events will speed up, and you will find yourself in the middle of a crazy race. Now you can find time to sit or lie down comfortably and start the process of conscious, concentrated breathing. Inhale slowly through the nose, fill the stomach and chest with the air, then hold your breath for a few minutes and finally exhale. Remember that only practice will make you a master.

Enjoy the gifts of nature

Summer is the time of juicy fruits and aromatic vegetables. This is a good moment to change unhealthy eating habits. Take advantage of what nature offers you – drink fruit and vegetable cocktails, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, feel the taste that will take you on a sunny journey.

Plan a proper holiday

Immediate regeneration methods are effective, but unfortunately only in the short term. Working as an event manager can be very exhausting, which means in the long-term perspective short regeneration breaks may turn out to be insufficient. So it is worth planning a longer at least 10-day rest, which will enable complete regeneration of the body and spirit.