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When should you consider changing your current online event registration system?

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If you have been using an online event registration system for some time to register attendees for training courses, workshops or conferences, it means that you understand and appreciate the benefits offered by a well-designed software. You probably already have some thoughts and ideas on how to better adapt the software to your needs – some function could look or act differently, the system lacks some option, etc. In this case, it is good to contact software developers and ask about the possibility of changes in the system.

And this is the moment when you have the opportunity to test the competences of the system creators. Each software producer – or even more generally – every producer (whatever he produces), claims that customer expectations are the highest value for him. On their websites, you can read that:

  • the customer is the most important
  • the customer is always right, even if he is wrong
  • the customer’s opinion is an absolute determinant of the quality of our products/services
  • our services/products are tailored to the expectations of our clients
  • customer service is our passion
  • our passion is our customer

Reality often looks different. By reporting the need to modify the product (read: the customer is the most important), you can often meet with a wall of silence. As if ignoring the case make it disappear. That the client will forget and “back off”. When submitting a complaint (read: the customer is always right, even if he is wrong) you can face the excuses, two weeks of time to consider the complaint, the need to send a complaint in writing, etc.

Such signals should immediately “ignite the red lamp” in your head. Probably your business provides you with enough “emotions” and you don’t need additional problems. If you have met with the reactions described above, then you can be sure of only one thing – it won’t be any better in the future.

If the software developers don’t establish clear and honest rules of operation at the very beginning of their activity, you shouldn’t expect they ever do so. Our advice – look around for alternative systems. Before you make a decision to change, compare systems in terms of basic criteria.

We probably should write here how we operate in Konfeo:

Usually, WE RESPOND to inquiries or problems on the same business day, no later than within 24 hours. We simply think that prolonging the time for an answer isn’t serious. You want to know the answer NOW, and not in a few days – nobody will buy a Christmas tree after New Year’s Eve. We pick up the phones and call back as soon as possible.

WE DON’T AVOID our responsibility for the system, although we don’t think that the customer is always right. We believe, however, that the client may not have all the information and draw erroneous conclusions. Our task is to thoroughly identify the problem, explain the circumstances and develop a satisfactory solution for both parties.

We develop the system based on the expectations of our clients, but it doesn’t mean that we implement all the client’s needs. WE CONSIDER ALL IDEAS, but we implement only those that are compatible with the existing system architecture and will be useful for a wider group of users. At the same time, we inform clients about what and when we will implement or why we won’t do it.

There is only one thing left – sign in to a free account and see if we act in accordance with the above declarations.