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Registration form – option limits and prices

We are incredibly excited to provide you with a brand new mechanism for registration forms. The new functionality will be handy for event organizers who want to offer attendees paid and/or limited options.
The visual change in the Konfeo admin panel is small, but it is a real breakthrough in technical matters. This unique solution allows the event organizer to independently and quickly build advanced registration forms.

The system works as follows:

  • the previous version of the form works in completed and ongoing events
  • a new mechanism is automatically activated for all new events

The new “engine” of the registration forms allows you to set the price and limit for the following types of fields: drop-down lists, selection options (radio), and checkboxes:

Option limits

From now on, the user can set a limit for individual options in all the fields listed above. For example, the conference organizer provides free t-shirts for participants, but in a limited number, and uses a drop-down list in the registration form:

In the field settings, you can see how many options are available for participants and how many are taken.

In the case below, the organizer provides the availability of free headsets for event participants, but only for the first 20 people:

The information shows that no one has selected this option yet.

Option price

Regardless of the limit, the event organizer may also assign a price to a given option, bearing in mind that:

  • the price should be given in a gross amount
  • inserting a value with a minus sign, eg -50, will lower the total price

In the following example, the organizer offers participants the possibility of accommodation in different types of hotel rooms with limited availability:

Group registration

In the case of group registration, selecting different options for individual participants is impossible. The selected options will be the same for the entire group. If you must differentiate your choices, register each person individually.


We are glad that after long-term tests and as previously announced, we were able to launch a new mechanism for managing form fields. It’s a unique solution in the market of ready-made registration systems. We’ve worked on it for many months with the assumption that – despite the complexity of the programming – it should be easy to use and reliable.

We hope that we have met these goals. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions because we assume this is only the first version of the mechanism we intend to develop.