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Organizing events – what to do to NOT lose the best team members

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The event industry is characterized by high dynamics and significant stress burden. Under these conditions, it is easy for an employee to burn out and you, as an employer, are exposed to losing staff. That, in turn, forces you to find and hire new people, which is really time-consuming process.

So even if you didn’t have any problems hiring the best candidates for your team, you still have to make them want to stay in it. This is the only way you can build a company image together. Every departing employee, especially the effective one – means that you have to find and train another person. And this, in turn, takes time so valuable in the event organization industry. So what should you do to not lose your co-workers (especially the most important and precious to the company ones)?

Communicate your company’s vision

Though the issue is seemingly obvious, it is often overlooked. Members of your team must feel that they are involved in creating something important. They must, therefore, see the goal to which they aspire. Their work should give them the feeling that they create something more than an individual event. What can you do? Be clear about the vision of your company. It is worth working on building the identification with the company strategic goals – try to create the situation when your co-workers identify themselves with them. It gives you a chance they will be less willing to look for another job.

Let the team members participate in the planning process

You can create thousands of scenarios of your events, but before implementing them, you should discuss your ideas with your colleagues. What may seem like a fantastic idea to you may not be feasible or just too risky. Experienced members of your team will share with you their opinions as soon as you let them know you are ready to hear them. At the same time, you give them a chance to present alternative solutions. Make your colleagues have a direct impact on the decisions and processes in your organization. This way they will identify with the company’s goals and activities. it also gives them the opportunity to share valuable opinions and propose modifications that will result in the success of the event.

Don’t ignore the needs of your employees

During intense work on the event organization, it is easy to forget that each of us is different and has different needs. It happens often, that in the busy time of planning or executing the event there is no time for a meeting. In the everyday rush it may seem that everything is fine but stay alert. Frustrated employees, unable to share their doubts and ills, may begin to look for another occupation. And this is something you definitely want to avoid! So, take time for individual meetings with colleagues, open up to their problems and if possible – respond to them, listen to suggestions, be open to their ideas.

Deal with team conflicts

During the process of organizing conferences, workshops or training courses, numerous conflicts may arise. We have already written about the issue of conflicts with the participants of the events. However, it is equally important to deal with the conflicts between the members of the team organizing the event. It is worth remembering that unresolved conflicts spoil the atmosphere, affect the motivation of members and reduce the effectiveness of the entire team.

Keep working on team management skills

Effective team management is the key to success. Lack, improper or inconsistent team management quickly becomes a source of team members’ frustration and reluctance. What should you do? Try to develop skills such as: setting goals, delegating tasks, motivating employees or resolving conflicts. Remember that effective team management is associated with the satisfaction of its members. Your work upon those skills can be considered as a contribution to building your organization’s potential – it is your long-term investment.


Mistakes in the human resources management are made even by the largest organizations. At the same time, the event organization industry is the special branch of industry – exposed to high staff turnover due to its specificity. It is worth to understand that for companies planning and organizing events the team management process is a part of building the success not only of the particular event but also the entire company’s image.