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New features

The last two months have been hectic for us. During this time, responding to the needs of event organizers, we introduced several improvements and new functions to Konfeo, which we present below.

Forcing data for invoices

A large number of event organizers use the option to force invoice data. After enabling it, all registrants must provide data for invoicing, both companies and individuals. We activated the option at the customers’ request, but we decided to make it available directly in the administration panel due to its high popularity. You will find it on the Organization profile in the Event default settings.

Individual registration time

Some events require an extended registration time. It is especially the case for registrations with many fields in the form. In such cases, at the organizers’ request, we extended the standard registration time from 15 to, for example, 60 minutes. We have also made this option available to all system users in the administration panel. Now you can set the registration time for events – 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. You will find the option:

  • on the Organization profile, in the Event default settings
  • in the Event settings (changes the setting of this particular event only)

Unless you change the default settings, the standard registration time for your events will be 15 minutes.

Mailing content editor

We have launched a content editor for mailings sent to attendees (Send a message menu). It allows you to add the most frequently used options, i.e., bold, italic, bullets, enumerations, and insert a link. We have also improved the design of the email.

French language version

We have added support for an additional language to handle attendee registration. After selecting the language in the Event settings, the registration page and messages are presented in French. Of course, this also applies to emails sent from the system.