Fixed price – a new type of discount code

We want to inform you that we have implemented a new option in the discount code settings (next to the percentage and amount discount) called “fixed price”. As you can guess, you can use this option to set a fixed ticket price. Let’s explain it with an example.

Suppose you organize an event where you will apply different ticket prices depending on the time of registration (e.g., Early bird, Late bird, Regular). You want to show on the registration page that the regular price (Regular) is EUR 1,000, but due to early registration, the participant will receive a discount:

  • registration until July 31 (Early Bird) – EUR 600
  • registration until August 31 (Late bird) – EUR 800
  • registration from September 1 (Regular) – EUR 1,000

You want to offer some participants a special ticket price, for example, 50% of the regular price, regardless of when they register. In other words, after calculating the discount, the ticket price should be EUR 500 in each case.

Applying a percentage or amount discount will not work, as both options will charge different prices for each ticket:

  • 50% discount – ticket prices will be reduced to EUR 300, 400, or 500, respectively
  • EUR 500 discount – ticket prices will be reduced to EUR 100, 300, or 500, respectively

You also don’t want to multiply versions of discount codes to embrace all price options – it will only cause information noise and confusion for participants. You want the solution to be universal and easy to apply.

And this is when the “fixed price” option is the perfect solution. After enabling this option (for EUR 500), the system will apply the following discounts:

  • for a EUR 600 ticket – the ticket price is going to be EUR 500 (price reduced by EUR 100)
  • for a EUR 800 ticket – the ticket price is going to be EUR 500 (price reduced by EUR 300)
  • for a EUR 1,000 ticket – the ticket price is going to be EUR PLN (price reduced by EUR 500)

The discount code works predictably for the entire time of the registration for the event.

Only at Konfeo.


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