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Eventbrite vs. Konfeo – price comparison of systems (calculator)

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Eventbrite is an American company, one of the largest ticketing platforms in the world, offering event organizers tools to handle event registration and payment processing. Konfeo is a European company offering similar functionality that allows conference and training organizers to organize stationary and online events. In the era of a pandemic, event organizers are undoubtedly looking for savings, hence it is worth knowing the differences in prices of different online event registration systems.

In this post, we compare the price of using Konfeo for paid events vs. Eventbrite Professional plan. Both plans offer options that allow event organizers to create different types of tickets and prices, handle event registration and online payments, etc.

To help event organizers understand the differences between Konfeo and Eventbrite systems, we decided to develop a simple price calculator that allows you to visually compare the total cost of selling tickets for one event (net price):

It is worth noting that the significant difference in prices is mainly caused by the removal by Eventbrite of the maximum fee limit on the sold ticket (for comparison – the fee for selling a single ticket with Konfeo is capped at  EUR/USD/GBP 5).


To sum up, the price is one of the factors determining the choice of online event registration software. For some – it is a crucial thing, for others – other values matter more.

At Konfeo, we have always focused on the quality of our IT solutions, system security, and technical support for event organizers. These are our unquestionable advantages over competitive solutions.