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Conversion tracking in Google Analytics and Facebook

One of the basic elements of advertising activity is the ability to track conversions of campaigns created in various media. By using Konfeo you have the opportunity to determine which campaigns are most effective. All you have to do is add your Google tracking code and / or Facebook tracking pixel in your event settings.

Google Analytics

Update 2023.06.06: our application adds the appropriate parameter (event) to the following events in the system:

  • visiting the registration page – page_view
  • registration complete – complete_registration
  • payment for the event (this applies only to online payments) – purchase

Integration doesn’t require any additional actions on your part. The GA4 will automatically log the events listed above.

If you need help configuring cross domain tracking please look at this comprehensive guide.


Konfeo automatically adds standard types of Facebook events that you can track in your pixel statistics:

  • PageView – visits of the registration page of your events
  • CompleteRegistration – visits of the page confirming the attendee’s registration (attendee’s profile)
  • Purchase – confirmation of payment

Important note: the above mechanism will work only for attendees agreeing to use cookies during registration.