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A few words on technology

Konfeo system is subjected at least several times a year to “endurance testing” by various event organizers and always passes the test with flying colors. From the beginning, we haven’t experienced any system failure due to increased internet traffic. In other words, our server simply never crashed, despite the heavy load. This is one of the reasons why customers, who have previously used other solutions available on the market, are coming to us. In this post, we would like to describe in general what is the reason for such good “performance”.

Konfeo is created in the Ruby language using the Ruby on Rails framework. It is a comfortable working environment for programmers. Currently, over 800,000 websites in the world operate on the basis of Ruby on Rails, including Airbnb, GitHub, Scribd, Shopify, Hulu, and Basecamp. Our database is PostgreSQL.

Only focusing attention and solutions on comfort and efficiency for event organizers will allow you to create a good program. Therefore, in designing the system, we pay the most attention to the UI (User Interface). To this end, before the implementation of each new functionality, we test it thoroughly both in terms of performance and ease of use by the user. If everything is fine, we implement new solutions “on production”, that is, we provide online for all organizers.

The final test of the success of the implementation is its reception by the event organizers. From the moment of implementation, we “listen to” signals from clients and control the behavior of the system from the server side. We make such system improvements dozens of times a year. We are advocates of the principle of small steps, rather than major updates.

Konfeo is an extremely efficient system of registration of attendees not only due to the applied programming solutions but also due to technical infrastructure. At the beginning, we used the hosting platform with the system and root console hidden behind the administrative panel, however, after just one year of operation, we decided to move the system to the VPS server and use Debian Wheezy as system platform. At the end of this year, we decided to switch to the new version – Debian Stretch.

We upgraded the server operating system in two steps. First, we implemented the change on our test server and ensured that the software was working correctly. Then we started the modernization of the production machine. We decided to update the system at night, from Saturday to Sunday, during the lowest internet traffic. We describe the technical details of this operation on

You can find such phrase on our website “ is a system designed using the latest in technology …”, and this obliges. We take this very seriously.