How can I use a barcode scanner at the reception of the event?

It is very easy. First, make sure participants of your event receive e-tickets – check the appropriate option in the Event settings before opening the registration. Test the barcode scanner beforehand:

  • connect the scanner to the computer
  • run the system demo
  • generate some sample e-tickets
  • open the Reception menu item
  • scan the tickets with the scanner and check that the information displayed is correct

In the case of a scanner failure, you can always enter the ticket number manually. Check also: QR codes vs. barcodes – which solution is better for handling the reception of events?


Payment processing: PayPal

Konfeo doesn’t charge a commission fee for payment processing. You are get paid directly using your own PayPal account and only pay their fees. Simply

Is the time to fill out a form can be longer than 15 minutes?

Yes, of course! We can extend the time to complete the registration up to 60 minutes. Please email us at with the following information:

  • Your Konfeo login;
  • Name or subdomain of the event;
  • Registration time, which you want to set in the range of 15-60 minutes.

Please note that this option is only available for PAID and FREE PLUS events.

How to prepare yourself IDs/certificates?

This is really simple and take only few steps! Here is a recipe for MS Word:

  • download .zip file and unpack on your computer:
  • download the current list of attendees and rename the file to: ids-attendees-list.xlsx
  • replace .xlsx file enclosed in the package on a previously prepared list of attendees
  • open the file (IDs or certificates) and accept the SQL command
  • change the relevant information apart from merge fields and go to the Mailings menu
  • check if everything is ok (Preview results) and finally print documents (Finish & Merge – Print documents)

You have done IDs/certificate to the attendees of your event!

Is there a way to send copy of confirmation e-mail to my inbox?

Yes. Just tick the following option in the Groups/fees settings: Send me copies of registration confirmation e-mails. Copies will be delivered to:… (This can also be set up for each group/fee separately).

Can I insert any registration data in a confirmation e-mail?

No, however the User receives a link to his Attendee’s Profile in the confirmation e-mail. The profile contains all information submitted in the registration form. Check also: Can an attendee change or cancel his registration?

Can I customize confirmation e-mails?

Yes. This feature is available for Paid and Free-plus Events. You can find this option in Event settingsConfirmation e-mail tab.

Will attendees receive an e-mail after registration?

Yes. We send confirmation e-mails and additional e-mails after all system actions, for example after receiving payment.

Can I limit the number of available tickets/seats?

Yes, you can set it up in two ways:

  • go to Groups/fees settings and set a different limit for each group/fee;
  • go to Event settings and set Global ticket limit.
Is the number of available tickets/seats shown on the registration page?

Yes, the number of available tickets/seats is visible on the registration page. If you prefer to hide it, go to Groups/fees settings to do so.

Can I remove the Konfeo logo from the registration form?

Yes. It is possible to put your own graphic (logo or header) instead of brand on your registration page and e-mails. Please contact us to activate this feature. See White label option in Pricing for details.

How many attendees can be registered for a single event?

There is no limit although you can limit the number of tickets/seats anytime, by simply going to Groups/Fees settings or setting Global ticket limit.

I want to organize many events – will I need to pay more for using Konfeo?

No, you only pay for using Konfeo when you earn (Paid Events) or you want extended features (Free-plus Events). See Pricing for details.

Can I change my registration form once my event becomes active?

Yes, it is possible, however we don’t encourage you to do so as your attendees could easily be confused by such a change.

How many fields can I add to my registration form?

As many as you want. There is no limit.

Can I add my own logo or header on the registration page?

Yes, however this feature is available for Paid and Free-plus Events only. Go to Events settings and then the Header tab. Follow the instructions to add your personalized graphics to your page.

How many mailings can I send?

As many as you like, but only to registered attendees.

Can I add password protection to my registration form?

Yes. This feature is available under the Groups/Fees settings. You have an option to set up a different password for each group/fee.

How long is my data kept stored on your server?

We never delete any of your data. You can access it as long as you wish. You can delete your data by yourself, if you desire.

Can I use my registration form for another event?

Yes. You can easily copy your old registration form to use for a new event or clone the whole event and edit any fields to customize it for your new event.

Do you use my attendee’s database for your own purposes?

Absolutely not! Your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us. Your database is your personal protected property. Any data submitted on your account is protected and will never be used by us or anyone else except for that purpose for which it was intended.

Is the database containing my attendee’s details really safe?

Definitely! Your security and privacy are of utmost importance to us – we use the highest level security protocols and create backups each day. Konfeo is designed using the latest in security technology and handled by a securely encrypted server connection (SSL). Your data will remain protected on our professional servers – we will never delete any of your data, though you have the option of deleting it yourself, if you wish.

Can I upload my own database to send a mailing?

No, for safety reasons Konfeo is used to communicate with registered attendees only, however, there are a number of easy to use online applications for this purpose.

How do I create a good looking registration page address?

Use dashes (-) between words in your registration page address. Your link should look like this:
This way the address is easier to read and wraps in lines.

How can I add my own Terms of Use to the registration form?

It’s easy: add a checkbox to your form and tick the option for mandatory fill. Enter the proper description and place the link to file in HTML format.

Can I place the event registration form on my website?

Yes, this is really simple. Go to Event settings and click on Embedded form. Follow the instructions to generate the proper code. Paste the generated code on to your website. This feature is available for Paid and Free-plus Events only.

Can attendees change or cancel their registration?

Yes, but not always. Attendees can change their data or cancel their registration on their Attendee’s Profile (his personal screen with all registration details), if the registration is open. This can’t be done if:

  • registration is closed;
  • attendee has been accepted – in case of a Paid Event (even if registration is still open).
Why has my event registration closed, although the starting date is far in the future?

Check the registration start/end dates in Groups/fees settings. Most likely, the registration end date has already passed. Simply correct the date.

Can I increase the ticket limit in an active event?

Yes, you can do it anytime. Depending on the type of limit you use, you can change it in two ways:

  • go to Groups/fees settings and simply reset a different limit for each group/fee;
  • go to Event settings and reset the Global ticket limit.
How can I turn on group registration?

It’s simple: just fill in following fields in Groups/Fees settings:

  • minimum number of submitted attendees;
  • maximum number of submitted attendees.

Changing these parameters allows you to set up a proper mechanism for registration. In the first step, the attendee will be asked to choose the number of submitted persons. The next step will take him to the standard registration form with additional fields for multi-registration.

Does the system look good on different screens?

Definitely yes. We put much effort to make sure that the system (administrator panel and registration page) looks good on all models of screens. This means that you and your attendees can freely operate the system using smartphones, tablets, monitors and other devices.


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