How can I set a special discount for a group registration?

You don’t need to use discount codes to sell group tickets/seats at a more favorable price than individual tickets. Instead, go to the Groups/Fees menu and create a new ticket/fee type for group registration. If you intend to offer a Valentine discount for couples, set the parameters to “2” in minimum and maximum number of submitted attendees checkboxes. Assign a lower unit price accordingly. In this way, you will force the registrant to provide data for two attendees and to charge a double but more favorable fee than two individual registrations.

Similarly, if you intend to offer more favorable ticket purchase conditions for groups, set the minimum group size and assign the appropriate price.

Payment processing: PayPal and Adyen

Konfeo doesn’t charge a commission fee for payment processing. You are get paid directly using your own PayPal or Adyen account and only pay their fees. All you need to do is enter your account ID (and few other parameters in case of Adyen) in event settings. No other configuration is needed. Our system will connect with payment gateway to process the payment.

I want to organize many events – will I need to pay more for using Konfeo?

No, you only pay for using Konfeo when you sell tickets in paid events or register attendees in free events. See Pricing for details.


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