What are webhooks and how to use them?

Webhooks are automated messages sent from one app to another when something happens. They’re much like SMS notifications sent by your bank, e.g., when you receive payment. There is an action (payment) and a bank’s reaction (SMS). Webhooks work pretty much similarly.
This way, Konfeo can send a notification to your other app when someone registers for your free event or pays for a paid event (after the attendee’s status changes to accepted).
Notifications include: first and last name, email, event title, ticket/seat name, price and currency, info about additional attendees.
The structure of webhooks is as follows:

name: "John",
surname: "Doe",
email: "",
price: 123.45, # or nil
currency: "USD", # or nil
event_name: "Event name",
group_name: "Group name",
additional_attendees: ["Anna Nowak", "Jan Kowalski"] # or []

Launching webhooks is very simple – go to the Event settings | Webhooks tab and enter the URL to which Konfeo should send them. That’s all.

Can I place the event registration form on my website?

Yes, this is really simple. Go to Event settings and click on Form (iframe). Copy the code and paste it on your website. The widget automatically adjust itself to the width of your template.


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