Can I remove the Konfeo logo from the registration form?

Yes. It is possible to put your own graphic (logo or header) instead of brand on your registration page and e-mails. Please contact us to activate this feature. See White label option in Pricing for details.

How many fields can I add to my registration form?

As many as you want. There is no limit.

Can I add my own logo or header on the registration page?

Yes, go to Events settings and then the Registration page tab. Follow the instructions to add your personalized graphics to your page.

How do I create a good looking registration page address?

Use dashes (-) between words in your registration page address. Your link should look like this:
This way the address is easier to read and wraps in lines.

Can I place the event registration form on my website?

Yes, this is really simple. Go to Event settings and click on Form (iframe). Copy the code and paste it on your website. The widget automatically adjust itself to the width of your template.

Does the system look good on different screens?

Definitely yes. We put much effort to make sure that the system (administrator panel and registration page) looks good on all models of screens. This means that you and your attendees can freely operate the system using smartphones, tablets, monitors and other devices.


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